Telnet to 4000

There is now a live ctf, details on flags etc at

This is a game type not seen for years, oldschool text, 90's fun, enjoy my funhouse :)

Hint 1: the sewer quest is an evil evil quest, there's a creature in the sewers, probably hiding in steam control in one of the vents, but to get there you must disable the steam. Search for an old man who might have the key to finding the key to steam control"

Hint 2: Although newbieville is optional, there might be something in there you can use

Hint 3: Abusing in game bugs and features are encouraged, there is no such thing as "cheating", just tell me how you did it

You really want lockpicks and to complete as many quests as possible. You get one quest point for every quest you solve, quest points and lockpicks will come in handy for the next quest.

When you die your level is reset to 1, your quests remain solved. More specifically this happens when you pray and get your body back.

I may put clinics in the game, they will cost you dearly, something like 100 credits per level multiplied by the current hour of a 24 hour clock

Since everybody is on the cryptocurrency game, I'm implementing mining, yes you too can mine fake defcoin, bitcoin, and mogcoin, they will be worth in game credits

Oh and I'm nice some of the semi accurate maps are here